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Review on State Estimation Technique of Active Distribution Network

1. School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China; 2. School of Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia; 3. School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138, USA


High penetration of distributed generators, controllable loads, such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and access and application of sheer number of measuring devices present the state estimation program of active distribution network with many challenges in accuracy and efficiency. Firstly, this paper briefly summarizes the existing research results of traditional distribution network state estimation. Then the research status of examining state estimation technique in active distribution network is comprehensively presented, including the modeling of novel pseudo-measurements, the efficient improvement of the state estimation algorithm and the optimal meter placement. Finally, several aspects that should be focused on in future development of state estimation of active distribution networks are outlined.



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[1]WU Zaijun, XU Junjun, YU Xinghuo, et al. Review on State Estimation Technique of Active Distribution Network[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2017,41(13):182-191. DOI:10.7500/AEPS20161123001
  • Received:November 23,2016
  • Revised:April 24,2017
  • Adopted:February 02,2017
  • Online: April 17,2017
  • Published: