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Discussion on Wide-frequency Measurement Technology for Power Electronized Power Grid

1. China Electric Power Research Institute(Nanjing), Nanjing 210003, China; 2. National Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center, Beijing 100031, China; 3. State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd., Nanjing 210024, China


With the application of high-voltage direct current(HVDC), flexible AC transmission system(FACTS)and large-scale interconnection of new energy, a large number of power electronic equipment are used in power grid. Abundant wide-frequency signals such as interharmonics and high-order harmonics are injected into power grid, which make power grid gradually present the development trend of power electronic. The existing measurement equipment focuses on power frequency signal measurement, and cannot meet the challenge of wide-frequency signal measurement. This paper analyses the present situation of the existing measurement technology from three aspects: the limitation of existing measurement equipment, the limitation of the upgrade and improvement of the phasor measurement unit(PMU)and the limitation of high-frequency signal measurement, pertinently puts forward the overall scheme of the wide-frequency measurement technology, designs its overall structure. The key issues involved in wide-frequency signal range limitation, sampling frequency selection, data processing mechanism design, data transmission protocol and synchronization are discussed. A prototype device is developed and applied in substation, which verifies the feasibility of wide-frequency measurement technology. The research can provide a new monitoring means for the power electronized power grid, ensure the security and stability of power grid, promote the large-scale application of new energy, and further promote the integration of secondary equipment, reduce the cost of substation construction.



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[1]FAN Chen, YAO Jianguo, CHANG Naichao, et al. Discussion on Wide-frequency Measurement Technology for Power Electronized Power Grid[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2019,43(16):1-8. DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190102004
  • Received:January 02,2019
  • Revised:July 08,2019
  • Adopted:April 11,2019
  • Online: July 04,2019
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